Fire instructions Vikåsenhallen

There is a fire in Vikåsenhallen and the fire alarm goes off !!

YOU are the hall guard….

What do you do?

On Wednesday 27 November, we had a notified fire drill in Vikåsenhallen. In this connection, a number of questions arose about what the responsibility of the hall guard, coach and others in the hall is.

Below are some important points;

  1. EVERYONE who has a hall guard MUST look at the guard folder and READ fire instructions and other important info.
  2. Gathering space is at the ball binge.
  3. All COACHES must have an overview of how many active people participate in the training.
    • When the fire alarm goes off, coaches lead their active ones out of the nearest escape route.
    • Gets all their active to the gathering place.
    • Makes count.
    • Reports to the hall guard.
  4. All HALL GUARDS must do this during their guard;
    • Lock of rooms that are not used after they have been inspected and possibly cleaned.
  5. All HALL GUARDS must when the fire alarm goes off;
    • Bring the keys and get the audience out as quickly as possible.
    • Can also call 110 to notify and keep the emergency services informed, but they are automatically notified when the fire alarm goes off.
    • Start up by the grandstand and systematically go through changing rooms, toilets, possibly meeting rooms and fitness rooms, canteen and kiosk etc.
    • It is important that it is also checked under stairs and in hallways.
    • Same procedure downstairs.
    • Receive a report from the coach, and possibly parents in case someone should still be in the hall.
    • Meet the fire department and reports.
  6. EVERYONE who stays in the halls who do not have training – the public, etc. – has the main responsibility for getting out of the hall through the nearest escape route.