English information about guard duties in Ranheimshallen

As a part of the income for Ranheim Basket, the team has agreed to take a few days with guard-duties in Ranheimshallen.

This voluntary work is based on players over 18 years old or parents to players under 18 to do guard-duties in Ranheimshallen approx twice a year.
Income from these guard duties goes to trips and other match-activities for Ranheim Basket.

Guard duty days/times are appointed by the team-contact for the team.
Every player on the team is set up at one or two guard duties of approx 4-5 hours where the parent does the duty in Ranheimshallen.
The parents are also set up as reserve duty if the appointed guard is hindered from doing their appointment due to illness or other reason.
If the day/duty you are appointed does not work for you, you are responsible for finding a replacement. (Ask one of the other parents to switch time with you)
RIL Football has made a instruction video in Norwegian that shows all the duties a guard is supposed to do.

Hallvakt i Friidrettshallen

These are links to documents that should be read before duty.
Most are in Norwegian…

Work-description for guard duties in Ranheimshallen.

In case of fire poster Ranheimshallen
Retningslinjer for bruk av garderober i idrettshaller 110820
Retningslinjer for bruk av kommunale haller og gymsaler – Covid – 19
Aktivitet i Ranheimshallen 2021-2022 oppdatert desember 2021

This is a link to a page with the scheduled activities in Ranheimshallen. There is one schedule for the ballplay area in the center and one for the running area around it:  Muncipality activityplan for Ranheimshallen