Workdescription for guard-duties in Ranheimshallen

Guard start:

  1. Duty starts 5 minutes before appointed timespot.
  2. The hall main door is open from 15 minutes before duty start time to 15 minutes after.
  3. After this, the door is locked the rest of the guard.
  4. Key to the guard-room is in a keybox next to the door.
    1. You get the code for the keybox from team-/duty-manager.
    2. This key works at any door in the hall.
    3. The small key is for the soap and paper dispensers in toilets and wardrobes.
  5. There is a guard-binder in the guard-room.
    1. Everybody should read the Generell arbeidsinstruks for tilsynsvakter and Brannhjelpen, both are in this blue binder.
    2. Everybody sign the designated paper in the binder to verify that they have read these papers/instructions.¨
  6. There is an updated plan of activities on the wallboard in the guardroom.
  7. Wear the yellow vest in the guard room to let everyone know you are on duty.
  8. Handball goals should be lowered when they are needed by the users of the hall.
    1. Keys are in the keybox inside the guardroom.
    2. Pink and orange keyhangs.
    3. The locks to lower and rise the goals is next to a garage-gate in the hall. To your right when entering the hall.
    4. Goals should be lowered until the chain-bar rests on the goals.
    5. Then move the goals to the holes in the floor. Goals need to be screwed to the floor by attached screws.
    6. After the goals are stuck to the floor, rise the chainbar so it does not rest on the goal any more with the keys.
  9. Nets around the ballzone should also be lowered.
    1. This is done in the switch-box on the opposite longside of the hall.
    2. Four switches are named nett sør, nord, øst og vest.
    3. No keys are needed for this.

Guard duties:

  1. Work-description/Arbeidsbeskrivelse is in the blue guard-binder in the guard room. This has to be followed, signed and checked for each task done.
  2. Check the fire-alarm-central/Branntavla.
    1. Located on the wall outside the toilet next to the guard room door.
    2. Key to the fire-central is in the keybox in the guard room. A chain is attached to it.
    3. If the board says  normal drift – all is ok.
    4. If there are any errors, contach  Trondheim Eiendom guard-duty phone: 73 53 78 17
  3. The guard has to walk a round and check all emergency exits to check they are closed, and that nothing is in their path.
    1. If a door is open, it should show a light on the panel next to the mail door in the hallway.
    2. A red light will light up next to the open door.
    3. In the winter, the guard should do a round outside all emergency exits to clean them if they have snowed in, or any other rubble is closing them from the outside.
  4. Toiletpaper, hand-tissues and soap should be refilled when empty
    1. Refill is located in the storage in the hallway to the hall. (Marked with lager 1.36)
  5. Garbish-bins should all be emptied by the end of the day. (a few bins in the hall and hallway, as well as in the toilets)
    1. Should be emptied and thrown in the garbage-bins next to Ranheim School.
    2. Key is located in the keylocker in the guardroom. Black special key.
    3. Remember to bring the keykard in the guard-binder when going outside as the door is locked.
      1. Hold the card to the reader til it lights up orange.
      2. enter four digit code (located on the backside of the keycard)
      3. Door is unlocked for one entry.

Remember to replace the keycard by the duty-end!!!

  1. Do a round to pick up garbage, bottles or anything around in the hall and hallways.
  2. Check the strenght-training corner for garbage and other mess.
    1. NB! Agelimit of at least 16 years to workout here without an adult
  3. Only two toilets + handicap toilet is open when there are no bigger arrangements in the hall.
    1. At bigger arrangements, the guard should disinfect the toiletseatsh with overflatedesinfeksjon (red liquid) from the hallway and wipe with paper once/twice a night if needed.
  4. Dust can make the floor in the hall slippery. Use a drymop if needed.
    1. Mops, wipes and such is located in the washroom in the end of the hallway. Right outside the hall.


  1. Sensors in the entire hall will automatically turn on and off lights in the hall. (Switch next to door for light in the guard-room)
  2. NB!Check that no one is staying on the mattress for pole vaulting and in sand pits for long jump.
    1. Sand on the mattress can ruin it!
    2. Sand can also hurt those who jump – it’s like landing on sandpaper.
  3. NB! The door to the hall from the main hallway must always be closed.
    1. It is the door at the bottom of the hallway by the wardrobes that is used, and this can be left open.
  4. Garage door to equipment inside the hall is open.
  5. If someone wants to use a music system:
    1. Use a key with a wrench to open the cupboard on the right side by the fire door to the hallway in the hall.
    2. The switch at the back of the cabinet is switched on and amplified plus other units must be physically switched on with a switch on the system itself.
    3. The same applies when it is to be turned off.
  6. For extra light or air, switches are used inside the guard cabin with a timer.
    1. Right inside the door at the top left.
  7. For events in the hall, the kitchen must be checked after use.
    1. Make sure that those who use it clean up after themselves.
  8. NB! For cleaning body fluids, there is a separate guideline in the guard folder. (in Norwegian)
    1. Applies to blood, vomit or other body fluids.
    2. In the upper drawer by the sink in the kitchen are bottles and tablets to be mixed with water. Instructions for use are in the box.
    3. This is emptied on the stain and dried up after approx. 5 – 10 minutes,
    4. Repeat if it is still not gone.
  9. messages to Trondheim city management regarding errors and omissions, things that have happened, etc., are noted in the message book which is in the guardroom.
  10. NB! Fire hoses hang in several visible places in the hall.

Last check-out before closing after the last shift:

  1. Check that the hall is empty.
  2. Make sure that rubbish is deposited as described further up.
  3. Check that windows and doors are closed and locked.
  4. Loose objects and forgotten items are taken to the guardhouse – note where it was found.
  5. NB! The handball goals are detached from the floor and hoisted up.
  6. Make sure that the key card is in the front of the guard folder in a blank pocket.
  7. Turn off timers in the guardhouse for light and air.
  8. Turn off the light in the guardhouse.
  9. Lock the guard cabin and put the key in the key box.
  10. Remember to bring everything you need before you go out – the front door is locked automatically when you leave the hall.

NB! Check out the training video on Ranheim football’s website:

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