Hall guard work routines Vikåsenhallen

As part of the volunteer work for the team, Ranheim Basket has taken on all the hall guards in Vikåsenhallen for the season September 2022 – April 2023.(Vikåsenhallen på Google Maps)

This charity event involves players over the age of 18 and parents of those under 18 serving as hall guards in Vikåsenhallen about x times during a year.
Income from this go to events and league game costs etc in Ranheim basketball.

Hall shift time and time for rear guards are usually assigned by team contact for the year group or Hall guard manager.
Each player on the team is set up on x guards for about x hours where the parent (or player himself over 18 years) acts as a guard in Vikåsenhallen.
These same people are also set up as rear guards at another time on the assigned guards.
Rear guards should only be used in emergencies. For example. that on the day you are to be on duty, you will be told to quarantine or become ill or the like, so you can call the rear guard that day and hear if they can go for you.

If the day you are set up on duty does not suit you, try to switch with one of the others yourself.

RIL handball has made an instructional video that gives a good introduction to the hall guard’s tasks. This can be useful both as an introduction for new guards, but also as a refresher for us who have had a guard before: (Only in Norwegian, sorry)

During the Covid-19 pandemic, this has served as approved training for all new hall guards.

Here are links to some documents that you should read through before your hall guard duty:

Job description for hall guards in Vikåsenhallen

Fire instructions Vikåsenhallen

General work instructions for supervisors 2018

Here is also a link to the municipality’s activity calendar where you will find Ranheimshallen ball surface and running track in two different lines: The municipality’s activity plan for Vikåsenhallen