Job description for hall guards in Vikåsenhallen

Shift start:

  1. The hall guard starts no later than 5 minutes before the set time.
    • Monday – Friday: kl. 15 55
    • Saturday: at 09 55
    • Sunday: at 08 55
    • For events on weekends, start-up times can vary, and sometimes the shift must start earlier to facilitate the activity.
  2. Key box with card and key picked up in Elise’s mailbox:
    • Markaplassen 259
    • Mailbox rack straight ahead after entering the street
    • NB! Carefully children plays in the street
    • NB! ONLY bring the key box marked Vikåsenhallen (box with green lid), NOT Vikåsen gymsal
    • Key is used inside the entire building. The small key is used when filling with paper and soap.
  3. Exterior door is kept unlocked in the evening and on weekends when there is activity. Description of how the door is set in the unlocked position is in the new folder inside the guardhouse (Ranheim Il’s own info folder for hall guards). Used if the door will not be in the unlocked position during the first unlocking.
  4. The guard folder is located in the guard cabin.
    • EVERYONE looks through the binder and reads the Brannhjelpen, as well as this document.
    • EVERYONE signs the Training Plan for supervisors which is in the folder Ranheim IL’s own info folder after they have read through the above.
    • Recommends everyone to watch the training video which is on Hall guard work routines Vikåsenhallen
  5. In the guard cabin hangs a yellow vest that the hall guard wears to be visible.
  6. ALL teams that enter the hall must sign in the visitor log located in the guardhouse (possibly on the table outside the guardhouse).
  7. Handball and basketball goals must be lowered as needed. Use key on keychain.
  8. Partitions are also lowered if necessary. Use key on keychain.
  9. Garage door inside the hall is opened with one of the keys on the keychain if needed.

Hall guard tasks under guard:

  1. Work description is in the guard folder in the guard cabin. This must be followed, signed and crossed out as tasks are completed.
  2. The guard must take a round to check that all emergency exits are closed and that nothing is in front of them.
    • In winter, they must be checked on the outside in case of snow.
  3. Toilet paper, paper towels and soap are replenished if necessary.
    • This is in the closet in the guardhouse.
    • If it is empty there, there is more in the storageroom on the 2nd floor in the hallway towards the wardrobes by the kiosk.
  4. Garbage bags / bags are replaced and all rubbish is collected in garbage bags for disposal.
    • Dispose of in rubbish bins in the rubbish bin on the left side of the hall before the end of the last shift.
    • The key is on a bench in the guardhouse.
    • NB! Always remember to bring a key card when you go out with rubbish, in case the door should lock.
      • Hold the card against the reader until it turns orange.
      • Enter a four-digit code (located on the back of the card).
      • The door is then unlocked for one entrance.
  5. Make sure that there is no rubbish, bottles, etc. around the hall itself and the corridors.
  6. If necessary, dry the hall surface as dust makes the hall floor slippery.
    • Mops, cloths, etc. can be found on the washing trolley in the guardhouse.


  1. The lights are switched on by pressing switches in all light zones
  2. Light control hall;
    • There is now a new timer in the guardhouse with a duration of 2 hours that must be operated.
    • When the timer runs out, there will still be some light in the hall, ie some luminaires that will still be lit. These will light up until central operation control turns off the light late at night (most likely).
    • This means that the hall guard must serve hours more often than before
    • Switches in the storage room inside the secretariat will no longer be operated, they will always be on. Light is controlled only by hours in the guardhouse.
    • Bottom hours are for ventilation. It must also be operated for ventilation systems to operate. However, this has a duration of 6 hours as before.
  3. In the storage room inside the hall where the secretariat uses to sit, there is a sound system and control panel for the scoreboard.
  4. For events in the hall, the kitchen must be checked after use.
    • Make sure that those who use it clean up after themselves.
  5. Any messages to Trondheim city management regarding errors and deficiencies, things that have happened, etc., are noted in the message book which is in the guardhouse.
  6. NB! Fire hoses hang in several visible places in the hall.
  7. Wheelchair basketball must have access to the room marked fitness room to retrieve equipment when they arrive.
  8. NB! If the fuse blows, the guard must call the Technical Guard (number is in the guard room). We do not have a key to the technical room.

Last check-out before closing after the last shift:

  1. Check that the hall is empty.
  2. Remember that handball goals and basketball goals must be raised before the guard leaves the hall.
  3. Make sure that rubbish is deposited as described further up.
  4. Check that windows and doors are closed and locked.
  5. Loose objects and forgotten items are brought to the guardhouse.
  6. Turn off the lights in the guardroom and make sure that lights elsewhere in the hall are turned off, or turn off timers in the guardhouse.
  7. The key box is returned to the mailbox in Markaplassen 259.