Trondheim muncipalitys General work instructions for supervisors 2018

  1. As a supervisor, you must help keep the facility tidy, as well as guide users.
  2. The responsible guard must always be visible to users. Vest to be worn.
  3. The responsible guard must have received training before the shift, including training in fire protection. Training must be documented by signing this document, which must be stored / archived in the duty folder.
  4. Performed work tasks must be documented in a check-off form that is stored / archived in the shift folder.
  5. Notification of deviations, or other messages to the municipality takes place through the message book in the duty room.
  6. HANO (activity calendar), any leases or other messages must be checked before start-up
    of new guard. HANO must be checked daily.
  7. General tasks:
    • Open the hall and get ready for the upcoming activity.
    • The supervisor should be in place for raising / lowering partitions, basketball hoops, handball goals, etc. when changing activities. According to writ about safety in the sports halls.
    • Familiarize yourself with the adhesive regulations and make sure that handball clubs comply with this. Be helpful in finding sticky stations and handing out the sticker regulations to those who want it. Any violation of the adhesive regulations is noted in the logbook.
    • Make sure that the rules for ball games are followed: Indoor / softball must be used for any football training. Shooting practice is not allowed. All ball games are prohibited in hallways and changing rooms.
    • Make sure that rules for strength rooms are followed.
    • Go regular rounds. Beware of theft in halls and closets.
    • At the end of the day, there will be a locking round where the supervisor checks that all interior and exterior doors as well as windows are securely closed and locked. Make sure no one is left in the building and turn off all lights. Loose objects are taken to the guard room and notes where it was found.
  8. Cleaning tasks:
    • Check the hall area, changing rooms, public toilets, grandstands and corridors before and after the shift, and otherwise through the shift to see if there is a need for cleaning.
      • Cleaning of wardrobes: pick up rubbish, pick up gravel etc. from the floor, wipe up any spills on the floor. Consider whether the floor must be rinsed with water and nailed.
      • Cleaning / cleaning of toilets: picking up rubbish, picking up gravel etc. from the floor, wiping up any spills on the floor. Toilets must be washed according to own instructions at least once a day.
      • Clearing / cleaning of grandstands and corridors: pick up rubbish and pick up gravel, ice, snow, etc. from the floor.
      • Cleaning / cleaning of the hall surface: picking up rubbish and mop the floor.
      • All rubbish must be removed from the building and emptied into a landfill / container. All areas must be cleared and prepared for cleaning the next morning.
      • When washing body fluids, follow separate instructions.
      • When using the washing trolley, the trolley must be put back in the designated place.
    • Refill toilet paper, paper towels and soap in toilets and changing rooms if necessary.
    • Make sure that those who use the kiosk / event kitchen clean and clean according to their own use. Help when needed. Instructions are in the kitchen.
    • Pick up trash outside the main entrance.
  9. Damage and defects in construction and sports equipment:
    • Check the hall surface, changing rooms, public toilets, grandstands and corridors before and after the shift, and otherwise through the guard to look for any damage or defects that have occurred. Damage and / or deficiencies in the building or sports equipment are noted down in the message book in the guard room.
    • In the event of acute faults / deficiencies, or suspicion of faults in technical facilities, the Trondheim property’s emergency telephone number must be contacted: 73 53 78 17.
  10. Fire protection:
    • The responsible guard is the acting fire protection manager for the business / activity. As a guard, you must receive sufficient information about behavior in a fire situation before you are put to work, ref. Regulations on Fire Prevention, Chapter 3, §§ 11 and 12
      • The fire alarm system: A general briefing shall be given on the operation and location of the fire alarm system.
      • Extinguishing equipment: The operation and location of the hand extinguisher and fire hoses must be reviewed.
      • Escape routes: The building’s escape routes and emergency exits must be made known. Make sure that no escape routes are blocked outside and inside. In case of snowfall, the emergency exits must be shoveled to prevent blockage.
      • Contingency routines / instructions: Fire instructions must be provided. The guard shall lead the evacuation in the event of a fire and assist the fire service in an emergency.
        Fire protection leader vest to be used.
    • The fire station must be checked for error messages. In the event of error messages, Trondheim Eiendom’s hotline must be contacted: 73 53 78 17.
    • In the event of a false fire alarm, the Trøndelag fire and rescue service must be contacted and notified that the alarm is false. Do not press the fire station unless you are informed of this by the fire brigade.